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Ransomware 101: What, How, and Why

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE RANSOMWARE: UNPLUG YOUR COMPUTER ASAP & REMOVE THE BATTERY IF IT IS A NOTEBOOK. BRING IT IN TO US FOR INSPECTION   While ransomware isn’t new, many users still find themselves victimized by it without knowing how their device got infected. They could have downloaded ransomware unknowingly by visiting malicious or

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USB Type C: The most exciting port ever!!

At last, the new USB Type C connector is ready for mass production. It will come with reversible ends, featuring the same small connector on either end. But it means so much more for new smartphones, tablets and even laptops.   The new Type-C will mean faster charging, quicker data transfer rates and thanks to the

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Designers create levitating computer mouse

KIBARDIN presents a new product – wireless levitating computer mouse. The Bat is a set that consists of a base – mouse pad and floating mouse with magnet ring. One of the goals of this product – to prevent and treat the contemporary disease Carpal tunnel syndrome (Median nerve dysfunction / entrapment). Мany active computer

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