Ex-Government Notebooks and Computers

At Townsville Computer Recyclers we have the largest range of Ex-Government Notebooks and Computers

We stock Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo & Toshiba

Ex-Government Notebooks and ComputersEx-Government Notebooks and Computers 

Notebooks starting from $195

Includes Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Anti-Virus & Firewall Software

 We have the largest range in Townsville of Refurbished Ex-Government Laptops & Desktops

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Refurbished Intel  computer packages starting from $295 complete with LCD monitor , keyboard & mouse.

Ex-Government Notebooks and Computers

Box Only PC’s from $195

Fantastic deals on Core 2 Duo , Intel i3 & i5 systems starting from $295 with Windows 7  & 3 months warranty.

Refurbished  LCD 17″ Monitors from $29 and 19″ monitors from $59

Ex-Government Notebooks and Computers

Townsville Computer Recyclers is a leading provider of quality refurbished ex-government notebooks and computers in Townsville. We have developed a computer refurbishing process that ensures all computers pass a series of refurbishment stages and meet the highest quality control standards. All computers that meet our standards are deemed “TCR Certified”, which is our symbol for quality and reliability.

Every TCR Certified computer goes through the following process:


The computer hard drive is erased using high-level data erase software
The computer is examined for any major cosmetic or internal damage
Dust is vacuumed out, and high pressure air is sprayed in power supply, processor, fans and throughout the case
All stickers are removed and case is cleaned
Motherboard is inspected for leaking or domed capacitors


Missing parts replaced such as hard drive, memory and cards
BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)
CD ROM, fan, battery, and power supply checked
Slot covers replaced if needed


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software is used to test components CPU, RAM, optical drive and hard drive
All tests are verified by hardware test log.